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Volume eyelash extensions are very popular among the fashion conscious girls now. It is the process of putting 2 to 6 fine eyelashes to a single natural eyelash. Applying volume eyelash extensions can be expensive due to the lengthy process. But you will love the dramatic look at the end. Hee is some features of volume eyelash extensions.

Lasting period for Volume Eyelash Extensions

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Volume eyelash extensions provide weaker bond compared to single extensions. This is because they are connected by a 1mm area; whereas, the individual lashes are connected by 3 to 4 mm area. So, the volume eyelash extensions shed quickly than individual eyelash extensions. Even 2 to 6 lash fans can shed as a whole fan and creates a noticeable gap. This is not the case with individual eyelash extension. Infills are needed regularly for volume eyelash extensions.

Looks more attractive

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Volume eyelash extensions can make your eyes stand out. Your lashes will appear longer. You won’t have to put on too much makeup daily. Eyelash extensions don’t look like false strip lashes; they look natural. You can have 2D to the 6D lash effect according to your preference.

They are soft

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Volume extension lashes are soft and are half the width of individual extension. They feel softer and look natural. If you have sparse eyelashes then volume eyelashes can fill in the gaps.

Eyelash extensions can give you a dramatic eye look. If you want a natural look you can choose 2D volume eyelash extensions. For more volume, you can choose 5D extensions. You should consult a stylist before choosing the type of volume eyelash extension.