You will have a great experience having lash extensions applied at our saloon. Our lash stylist will consult you before starting their job. We offer the following services.

Classic lashes

If you want the natural look then single extensions are perfect for you. The lashes are applied directly to your natural lash to match the natural curvature of your original lashes. Our expert stylists will find out the perfect length and thickness of the extension. You can get refill every week.

Hybrid lashes

In this case, you will get the best of both worlds. It includes a mixture of silk volume fans and classic lashes. This is the best choice if you want volume and some texture.

Natural volume (2D – 3D)

If you want fullness in your eyelashes then you can go for it. It can accentuate your eyes. Two to three fine silk lashes will be applied for a light volume.

Full Volume (4D-6D)

If you want darker and fuller eyelashes then you should try this option. A set of semi-permanent lashes will be applied. Each natural lash is able to hold 4 to 6 lashes for creating 3D, 4D and 5D lashing effect. You will still get a soft, fluffy and weightless feel.

In our salon, you will find eyelash extensions of various lengths, colors, and thickness. Our procedure is painless and we maintain the highest level of hygiene in our work. You will have a wonderful experience at our salon.