Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

People have different shapes of eyes, like small, round, doe-eyed, etc. There are many people who are not blessed with beautiful eyelashes. But the modern eyelash extensions available can enhance your look. Classic Eyelash extensions are very popular as they give you the natural look.

Benefits of Classic Eyelash Extensions

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Classic eyelash extensions can add length and volume to your eyelashes. They are not too thick, so they look natural. If you prefer the natural look then you should go for the classic eyeshadow extensions. When applying classic eyelash extensions, you will have to apply one extension to each of your eyelashes. It can only be applied to you natural eyelashes. If you don’t have too many natural eyelashes, then classic eyelash extension cannot add much volume to your eyelashes.


It is very easy to wear them regularly. You won’t have to remove them at night. They are very light and you can carry them comfortably. The eyelash extensions are between 1.5mm to 2mm in size and they are joined by adhesives that are completely harmless. These extensions feel natural and look good as well. It is very hard to distinguish between your natural eyelashes and classic eyelash extensions. You can get these lashes in various fibres, but the most common type is the Faux Synthetic Mink. You can get these extensions in various thickness, length, and curls.

You must choose classic eyelash extensions depending on the shape of your eyes. The process of applying these eyelash extensions needs good concentration. You should go to an expert stylist for applying for classical eyelash extensions.