About Us

About Us


We are the experts in eyelash extensions. Our salon is located in Perth, Australia. Our lash extensions are semi-permanent. They are made from very high-quality synthetic fiber. The extensions look very natural and they are weightless. They are also curved to look like your natural eyelash.

We apply for single extensions on your natural lash directly one at a time. We use the best method and the best products. We maintain the highest standards in quality and application. Our method is very safe. Our stylists are extensively trained in eyelash extension applications. They can both lengthen and thicken your eyelashes to give you a stunning look.

Within a few years of our operation, we have gained recognition for providing the best eyelash extension service in Perth. We have always received good feedback from our customers. So, if you are interested in eyelash extensions, visit us today!

Your Eyes Lie is an site developed by a group of 5 fashion enthusiasts. We’ve always had a craving for unique eyelash extension fashion, it usually took hours and at times days to find what we were exactly looking for. Keeping it mind, we decided to develop a site to make search easier for like minded fashion enthusiasts, who are different from the others.

We’re attempting to bring eyelash extension designs from unique fashion designers in the industry, which would definitely make you go awe & wonder if “Your Eyes are indeed lying” 😉 If you wish to contribute to our community or share your suggestions, feel free to get back to us via the Contact Me page.